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About Us

With new regulatory environments, new challenges, new ways of working, Prima Uno will lay the path for project controls to achieve your goals. We are ready and have full capability and expertise. We can work differently, and we can change the contribution that our team brings to programme and project performance.

For advice or any enquiries, please feel free to contact us on : info@primauno.co.uk

All About

Prima Uno

Our team of project controls specialists and project & programme managers have experience in taking lead roles on some of the worlds largest highest profile infrastructure projects bringing LFE and sharing experience with our integrated teams.

We are an SME with a national reach of the elite of resource.

We are a true West Cumbrian based SME and spend in excess of £1m per annum in our local economy of West Cumbria. We have a proven record of supporting major multi sector projects in Cumbria and the UK.

Our Values

Our core principles for delivering projects are built on trust, consistency, repeatability, reliability and an approach that allows us to continually refine our service to offer the best value to our clients.

Continuous improvement is the basis of everything we offer. We will work with you, we will support you to achieve your strategic ambitions using our expertise and lessons learned from other projects with advice that will help you plan, design, fund, deliver, execute and realise your goals.

We work collaboratively with other companies to achieve mutually beneficial goals and objectives.

These are the values which we feel are important and will treat each other, our customers and business partners by:

  • Information sharing, constructive questioning, open and honest feedback
  • Listen effectively, respecting the opinions of others
  • Communicate effectively consistently openly honestly and in a responsive manner
  • Recognise the objectives of all parties and seek ways to help maximize their achievement
  • Negotiate with the joint objectives in mind
  • Appreciate and respect differences in cultures, be proactive to resolve potential difficulties and overcome barriers
  • Learn from and share experience
  • Understand and support others in the achievement of their own goals
  • Establish joint needs and outcomes and deliver against objectives, act in the best interests of the joint effort
  • Balance risk and reward when considering innovative thinking and future possibilities
  • Consider the possible future implications of current issues
  • Address short-term imperatives without losing sight of long-term objectives
  • Learn from experience and to embrace changes
  • Constructive and flexible attitude to change, facilitate creativity in others by encouraging challenge and new ideas
  • Accommodate needs of all stakeholders to deliver shared goals
  • Demonstrate respect and consideration for all partners and consider the impact of actions upon others
  • Aim to create mutual understanding but hold people accountable for unacceptable behaviour
  • To care for each other
  • To support one another
  • Inspire one another
  • Have pride in our work
  • Be always professional
  • Conduct day to day activities in a way which encourages respect and a culture of trust to develop and grow.

Our Sectors

We operate in many sectors such as:




Utilities / Water


Oil and Gas





Our Mission

  • To build upon and enhance our good reputation in the marketplace and to continue adding value to our customers in the high quality of our everyday activities, our people, and our business practices.
  • To grow in new sectors.
  • To grow and empower more leaders in Prima Uno.
  • To develop our staff and provide an exceptional career path for all individuals working for Prima Uno.
  • To be compliant with quality standards such as ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems and Cyber Essentials Plus and to continue existing certifications.
  • To develop collaborative business relationships to strengthen our business core and achieve mutually beneficial goals and objectives.
  • To continue embedding ISO 44001:2017 Collaborative Business Relationships Standard as well as ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System principles into our QMS.