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Since engaging with the Prima Uno team, they have always given prompt attention to meet our needs, with a professional approach. Personnel presented to date have been of a high calibre, and have made an excellent contribution to meet our business needs. There are many areas of expertise within Prima Uno which, we are sure, will enhance our requirements for the future.

Bill Macaulay

Operations Director – Nuclear

M+W Group

It has been my sincere and genuine pleasure to have met and trained the apprentices from Prima Uno.  They are, without exception, a credit to the company. I have been a professional training consultant for nearly thirty years and cut my teeth back in my native Liverpool in the field of youth training. I was privileged to work with some outstanding young people back then and working with the four Prima Uno apprentices took me back those happy days of youthful ambition and exuberance….both mine and my students! I congratulate the person who was perceptive enough to have recruited these exceptional young people to the ranks of the company.

Simon Thom BA


Omnis Solutions Ltd

“I watch Sarah develop her company with admiration. There’s a lot of talk about the skills shortage the area will be facing but Sarah doesn’t talk about it, she does something about it. From her investment in apprentices and the tremendous development opportunities she offers them to her plans for a Prima Uno Planning Academy Sarah always has an eye on the future. We should be very proud to have a company that contributes to huge projects like the Olympics and Commonwealth Games based in Cumbria and Sarah should be incredibly proud of building a company which has a high level of professionalism and contributes so much to the development of our future workforce.”

Dianne Richardson

Business Development Officer

Cumbria Growth Hub

“I have been at Prima Uno since February 2015. Since then I have learned an awful lot down to the hardworking nature of the rest of the team. I have enjoyed every minute so far due to the difference in jobs I do day to day, meaning I am always kept busy learning new things.”

Jack Mitchell

IT Apprentice at Prima Uno Limited