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Quantity Surveying

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Quantity Surveying

Our approach to quantity surveying is one which focuses on the business needs of the customer and aims to deliver a cost management service which enables them to make informed decisions in relation to their property assets.

Our range of services is enhanced by our sector expertise and appropriate experienced staff that will provide positive advice at the various stages of the project cycle.

Feasibility Studies

Our internal benchmark information enables us to provide a speedy response at early stages of a project, to assess if the project requirements can be achieved, and to offer alternative solutions if appropriate.

Cost Planning

Our cost plan will be an elemental budget, which will form the key cost management control document.

This will be prepared in conjunction with the whole project team to ensure ownership of the budget. All future changes will be managed against the signed off cost plan.

Independent Project Recovery

Evaluating the most suitable contractors/suppliers for a project based upon scope, content, complexity, procurement and the need for specialist knowledge and innovative thinking.

Tender and Contract Preparation / Evaluation

Preparation of tender and contract documents which provide details of the project requirements and clearly identify responsibility for risks.

Pre and Post Contract Cost Control

A key element of our role is to manage the costs within the signed off budget through:

  • Proactive cost checking of design development
  • Value engineering
  • Alternative cost studies
  • Post contract cost control including change order process.