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Dispute Resolution

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Dispute Resolution

We have a practical approach to study the consequences of time slippage.

We use critical path techniques and focus on the material facts and available evidence.

We identify the cause and demonstrate the effect. Identify methodology to ascertain the delay of the work and quantification of impacted claims.

We create expert witness reports and support expert witness reports for Arbitration and Litigation.

  • Delay Analysis (as-planned vs as-built, windows, time impact analysis, collapsed as-built)
  • Extension of Time analysis
  • Project Recovery
  • Adjudication Assistance
  • Contractual Claims
  • Adjudication, arbitration assistance
  • Investigative forensic planning
  • Schedule risk analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Independent reviews of project management, governance and programme review
  • Project recovery

Forensic Planning

We provide a variety of Forensic Planning services ranging from programme audit/interrogation on baseline, live or completed projects.

We can determine the probability of success of your projects and we can analyse tens of thousands of activities across single or several projects and compare changes over time.

We provide an independent review and audit trail for companies requiring us to ensure the deliverability of baseline and live projects.

We create reports on logic, constraints, critical path, float, delay, cost, risk and contingency.

We can pinpoint, evaluate and eliminate issues. We validate project schedule and report not just on the issues but how to resolve them.

We advise on how to recover programme slippage and put plans in place to recover the programme and if possible on time and on budget. Review and identification of acceleration and mitigation measure employed.

Our approach involves programme audit and review, identification of existing and potential problems. We prioritise the greatest impact issues and target resources, costs and calendar issues.

We analyse work scopes, planning schedules and conduct high level reviews in various industries such as nuclear, rail, civil, tunnelling, oil and gas.