Planning and Scheduling under the NEC

Get it right first time to avoid pain when the project is in flight!

Getting the accepted programme compliant and understanding the contract and its clauses is essential.

The accepted programme is vital in approving the accurate state of the project at any one point in time.  All submitted programmes include the progress, planned sequence of activities, early warning and effect of any compensation events that may have occurred.


Here at Prima Uno we can review your proposed accepted programme and ensure it is aligned to the NEC contract and is accepted first time!


We can evaluate your schedule or project from any angle, giving you true visibility and assurance on the deliverability of your project or programme. More importantly we can offer a more personal viewpoint by making sure that any analysis or evaluation of a schedule is undertaken and reviewed by an appropriately experienced and competent consultant that places the outputs from any evaluation into perspective. Prima Uno has the advantage of offering specialist project controls capabilities as well as project and programme management professionals.


Not only can we analyse your schedule but we also have the capability to implement improvements and make the right recommendations to move you forward, for example: remove redundancies and unnecessary constraints, fix logic integrity, mature schedules and assist in developing delivery strategies along with then re-importing schedule straight back into your project management software of choice.


We can analyse tens of thousands of activities across multiple projects and platforms in seconds, providing you with a true view of the project as a whole with your key project management tools to improve the soundness and reliability of the schedule.  Our reporting and analysis capability would also give you valuable insight into the “probability of success of the deliverability of your project / schedule”. Coupled with our Quantitative Schedule Risk Analysis capability we can provide a full Lifecyle approach, or a more tailored solution specific to your needs.


Prima Uno also provide services to assist Clients when claims and disputes unfortunately arise.


The benefits of the services Prima Uno provides under our Dispute resolution services include:

  • Clear understanding of various forms of contract.
  • Understanding time obligations, critical paths, understanding of the key dates for the entire Project team
  • Ensuring the establishment of a clear baseline which fully aligns to the contract and from which contract entitlements can be assessed.


We have a practical approach to study the consequences of time slippage.  We use critical path techniques and focus on the material facts and available evidence.  We identify the cause and demonstrate the effect.  Identify methodology to ascertain the delay of the work and quantification of impacted claims. We create expert witness reports and support expert witness reports for Arbitration and Litigation.

  • Delay Analysis (as-planned vs as-built, windows, time impact analysis, collapsed as-built)
  • Extension of Time analysis
  • Project Recovery
  • Adjudication Assistance
  • Contractual Claims